Worried What Other People Think of You?

You are wasting your time!

Worrying about what other people think of you and about their judgment will stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Many people can not live their own lives because they are worried what other people might think of them. They permit relatives, friends and public to influence them so much, that it will not allow them to live truly free.

People make mistake with choosing a wrong partner or wrong career and go through life miserable and unhappy worried what other people think of them and what might follow if they try to correct the mistake. They rather live their lives in the name of “duty” that relatives or society imply upon them, than try to change the course and direction to live happily and fulfilled life pursuing their own dreams and desires.

Anyone who has ever experienced fear of criticism, worried what other people think, knows the damage it does. How it kills ambitions, desires to achieve and live in freedom of mind. People don’t take the chances with new business opportunities, they don’t set their goals too high because of fear of criticism especially from relatives and friends. Anyone who has been there, has done it, knows what it took him to overpass it. How much time they have wasted and how much effort it took to finally make a decision and free themselves.


(Napoleon Hill)

I remember when I was about to leave my husband after almost 15 years, going away to live with our three young kids. Different country, different lifestyle, new job, different everything, with no one to turn to. My family was so “unsupportive” of my decision, they almost disowned me. Vain were my cries for help or compassion.

“You can’t do it, you got married in church; you should be happy you have a roof over your head; you are taking kids away from their familiar environment; what about your husband, he is a good man, you are the crazy one, never happy, it is all your fault your marriage has fallen apart”… gosh, I heard it all.

But despite their useless talks and opinions, in which I wasn’t interested anyway, I did it my way. I pursued my dreams and ambitions to provide a better future for myself and my three children. To give us all better chances.

I could have stayed and continue playing a happy family, devoted wife, or more like a martyr, keeping everyone around me happy, I could have stayed and lived in a merciful lie. No shames, no criticism, no high eyebrows, no hardship of being totally alone to my destiny.

But who would benefit from it? My family? Any of my relatives at all??? My friends? They have their own lives to live and pretend, their own lies and conscience to take care of.

Nobody. Nobody would have benefited from it let alone me. And surely not my beautiful children who deserve to see their mama happy and smiling rather than constantly pissed off and stressed out.

I had to overcome the fear of criticism fast or stay put. And I wasn’t going to stay put in my comfort zone which was rather very uncomfortable. And once I started spinning the wheels, it felt so liberating, empowering and great. Terribly hard too, but very rewarding.

The journey I decided to take taught me a lot about myself, my ability, capacity and strength, showed me my true self and also, very importantly, the true face of my relatives and friends.

You don’t know your family and friends till you need a help or support, you don’t know them till you start living your true life or start your own business! And I chose to truly know them and leave the worry about what other people think aside. I chose real FREEDOM, surrounded by like-minded people who help me on my journey of self-development and entrepreneurship.

And I believe that’s the way to be!

If you wanna be free, you need to be real you!


Your Life is Your Business!




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