Your Work Your Passion

When your work becomes your passion or your passion is your work??

I work hard on my Online Business, I really do. I dedicate many hours a day to it and to some it might seem like it makes no difference to having a 9-5 (6) job. To some, who don’t know the difference, but to me…

The JOB, “Just Over Broke” thing, is, I guess, ok for people who don’t want to take full responsibility for their lives. Many people find any ok-ish employment based upon whoever offers more, the BBD, “bigger better deal”, or more like upon the fact whoever is willing to employ them, just to get their contributions and taxes paid and where they could stay pretty passive until it gets noticed. They follow the rules, often willing to perform mindless tasks, not questioning their sense much, just to stay in the cube and to belong somewhere, to have some label, any. What is very scary, they remain in such existence for years. Not only giving up on their dreams, but if you actually ask them, they sadly never have any. Their life ambitions would be to win a lottery, maybe, or just to be comfortable. They never pause to question their comfort already and what real happiness and fulfillment is, believing it is all ok, if the majority is doing the same.

What it’s done or told repeatedly becomes the truth… ??

And for those, who left the comfort zone or never accepted it anyway, like me, taking responsibility for their own happiness is their religion. Every successful business owner will tell you that their path to success wasn’t built on “taking it easy now”, or on “I have my own business, I can relax and expect the success will happen automatically, just because it is”. The beginnings have many hurdles, the journey is never endless… You learn, you unlearn, you succeed, you fail, you want to give up, you cry, it fulfills you, it frustrates you, you work hard… But in the end, it is your own creation, it is your own business, you are DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, your work is your passion.

An artist, when he starts a painting, doesn’t think “oh well, I can spend only such and such amount of time to make my artwork worthwhile to sell it well, an athlete doesn’t count how many hours he needs to spend training to win a competition, a book-writer doesn’t know how many sleepless nights he will have writing a story… It simply takes what it takes to succeed. And when you are in love with what you do, when you pursue your dreams, focus on your goals, if you know your WHY, you will enjoy the whole, often long journey with a rollercoaster until you succeed.

So yes, I work hard, and maybe even harder than I would in my 9-5 job, but who’s counting?? Would I swap it now knowing the benefits of having freedom of time and place? I don’t think so… Is it harder to work on your own business and not get a regular monthly paycheck?? Of course, it is. But the feeling when you get paid for your own creation is priceless. Meaning, you know you have touched somebody’s heart. You have inspired somebody, your work is appreciated, people actually know not only your name, but recognise you for your work and what you have put in it, your heart.

And that’s the goal of every entrepreneur, to make a difference. To change people’s lives, to help, to inspire, to be of value. And selfless and dedicated entrepreneurs manage to achieve just that.

I also want to encourage people to be responsible for their own happiness and fulfillment. To face their fears and take charge of their journey like I did, like I still do every day.

And if I can do it, so can you and even better 😉



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